Are you living the life you really want?

What would you change if you could?

  • Maybe you have been laser-focused on one area and now you need more balance in your life.
  • Perhaps you have many things you always wanted but still feel something is missing.
  • You may want to improve relationships, personal or professional.
  • Perhaps you want change but feel stuck or anxious. Fear can influence us in a variety of ways. You may have even used fear to motivate you – I have known multi-multi-millionaires who woke every morning in fear. But now you may want to be motivated by something else.
  • You might be questioning what success actually means to you, or are curious about your true life purpose.

It is powerful to change before you have to. If you are pro-active, you can create the life you want on your own terms.

At any moment you can choose to revitalize your life. Seize the opportunity to start living the life you really want now.

Discover what you could gain from in-depth life coaching.

Explore In-Depth Life Coaching and find out more About Me below.

In-Depth Life Coaching

Who I Work With 
I specialise in working with people in high-profile and leading positions – in Business, the Entertainment Industry, Arts, and Media. Being in leading positions can generate increased public scrutiny, creating distinctive challenges and opportunities. Working with me, you establish your unique way to be fulfilled and happy, with more life balance and less stress. I also provide in-depth life coaching for young people.

How You Benefit 
You may well be resilient, creative, and have achieved successes in all areas of your life predominantly independently. Working with me as your in-depth life-coach, however, provides a process whereby you can acquire insights you may not have gained alone.

It is your journey, but a trusted, focused companion on the journey can support you to find your way more quickly and also find solutions you may not have thought of alone. As your in-depth life coach my passion is to empower you to become all that you want and are capable of being, and to support and encourage you to create and live the life that brings you joy, peace and fulfilment.

In-Depth Life Coaching 
In-depth life coaching is a whole-person approach, which takes into account your complete personality and individual being. I customise my coaching approach to you, based on your unique history, style of thinking, situation, and goals. Working with me includes the creation of a personalised self-actualisation profile.

As your in-depth life coach I help you identify inner strengths, perhaps under-utilised, to bring you closer to your vision for your life. I also support you to create opportunities out of challenges. Together we tackle behaviours that hold you back so you feel free to consider different choices and solutions as you creatively live your life.

In-depth life coaching is ideally suited to people who wish to understand themselves and their motivations more deeply, in addition to having the structured support of goal-setting, accountability, and targeted encouragement which coaching provides. It’s valuable if you don’t need therapy but are curious if your past could be affecting your present.

Explore what you could gain from in-depth life coaching.

In-depth life coaching is not meant to replace treatment by psychiatric or psychotherapeutic means.

Ruth Copland: Who am I?

I am from England originally, and have lived there and also for many years in California. I am a citizen of the UK and USA. I have two cherished sons and a little white dog with ‘character’. I am currently based in the UK.

I have a professional background in the arts, business, and counselling. I’m the creator and host of the radio show It’s A Question of Balance®, which balances the intellectual with the creative and explores whether we have more in common than divides us through thought-provoking conversations – out and about interviewing people on the street on different topics and in the studio with inspiring guests from all areas of the arts.

I’m interested in continuous growth and as part of that journey I’ve engaged in depth psychotherapy with a Jungian analyst. I feel it’s important when working with others on their personal journey to have worked deeply on my own.

I’ve studied spiritual healing, and practice meditation and mindfulness. 

I’m passionate about the creative process and its potential to transform on personal and global levels.

My Education and Training

I have a Master of Science Degree in Counselling, MSc (Distinction), from Brunel University, London; specialised training in creative arts therapies, emotional therapy, and play therapy; certification as an Advanced Culture Transformation Tools consultant and coach; and am a certified Traditional Usui Reiki Master Teacher. 

For my MSc, I designed and conducted funded clinical research exploring the connection between participation in the arts and the personal health, well-being, creativity, and performance of senior executives in a multi-national corporation.

I’m a Professional Member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council and abide by their Global Code of Ethics

I was trained by and counselled children with Place2Be, which is a British children’s mental health charity providing school-based support to improve the emotional wellbeing of pupils, families, teachers and school staff.

I have a BA (Honours) Degree in English from Royal Holloway College, London, and professional training in acting, writing, and music.

Ruth Copland

It’s A Question of Balance®

Self Actualisation Profile

We operate from many different levels in our life. We function best when we can fully express all parts of ourselves and are truly living our personal values. Your coaching work with me includes the creation of a self-actualisation profile based on your personal values.

Balance is the meeting point of the best of all positive possibilities. We live in a world where change is the only constant, so finding balance is a journey, not a destination. Gaining self-awareness allows us to make informed adjustments as needed on our journey.

Using my experience in coaching, counselling, and research I collaborated with the internationally renowned Barrett Values Centre, a world leader in values-based personal and organisational development, to design an in-depth life coaching individual values assessment. This powerful self-discovery tool, based on the work of Richard Barrett and Abraham Maslow, identifies your core personal values; what is important to you and what motivates you; how you see yourself; how your values influence you and your choices; how you view your current life and how you’d like to see your life develop in the future; and what actions you can take to live your life at its highest potential.

How It Works

After you get in touch with me, we can set up an introductory conversation. It’s a chance for you to ask questions and explore what you hope to achieve through coaching.

It’s also an opportunity for us to decide if we feel we’re a good fit for each other. I don’t take on everyone as I want to ensure I can really benefit you, and you in turn need to get a feel for me as a coach and determine if I can meet your needs.

The first step is to contact me to set up your introductory conversation.


Once we decide to work together, we’ll agree a time for your initial consultation, which can include your self-actualisation profile if you choose. This powerful self-discovery tool can be used to guide and inform your coaching sessions.

Going forward, we’ll discuss the best coaching plan for you to meet your needs and goals.